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Youth Sports Trainer's FUNCTIONAL CORE is your COMPLETE guide to functional core training for youth athletes.

The core exercises you will learn in FUNCTIONAL CORE will improve power for kicking, hitting, throwing, sprinting, jumping, and other athletic movements.

Youth Sports Trainer's FUNCTIONAL CORE is an incredible resource for athletes, coaches, and parents.

Why Youth Sports Trainer's FUNCTIONAL CORE is a MUST HAVE for EVERY athlete!

You'll Become a More Powerful Athlete

A strong core enables athletes to safely and efficiently transfer power between the lower and upper body for  actions like throwing, kicking, running, and jumping.

You'll Improve Your Ability to Compete and Win Against Contact

Having the strength and ability to properly brace your core is crucial to both performance and injury prevention in contact sports.

You'll Improve Your Coordination and Balance

Rarely are athletes on two feet and in a stable position while exerting force. Your core is the foundation for the rest of your body and your sense of balance depends on a well-trained core.

You'll Reduce Your Risk for Injuries

Athletes rely on a strong and supportive trunk to transfer energy. A core that has been trained functionally will decrease the probability of low-back injuries and deceleration injuries of lower extremities—such as anterior cruciate ligament (knee ACL) injuries.

About Kristen Gostomski

With over two decades of experience working with youth athletes in a variety of settings and over a decade of experience consulting with youth coaches and parents, Kristen is a leader and a pioneer in the field of Sports Performance.

Kristen is both a teacher and a student—learning from and collaborating with some of the most respected professionals in the fields of strength and conditioning and sports physical therapy.

Kristen has a unique understanding of functional core anatomy and is passionate about teaching others how to develop programming that will both improve performance and reduce injuries.

What makes Youth Sports Trainer's FUNCTIONAL CORE unique?

Learn the True Function of Core Muscles

The role of core muscles likely differs from what you learned at your gym or from mainstream fitness or bodybuilding resources.

FUNCTIONAL CORE teaches you what functional core training really means.

Replace Ineffective and Dangerous  Exercises with Safe and Functional Ones

Are you still doing old-school exercises like Sit-Ups, Crunches, and V-Ups?

FUNCTIONAL CORE teaches you why certain exercises can cause injury and how to replace them with safe exercises that will improve athletic performance.

Make Exercises You May Already be Using Safer and More Effective

Simple tweaks in position along with internal and external cues can crank up the effectiveness—and safety—of some of the common exercises you may already be doing.

FUNCTIONAL CORE dissects every exercise for you using step-by-step directions, videos, and photos.

Learn Innovative Exercises You've Likely Never Seen Before

Kristen is a pioneer in the industry and her programs truly are unique.

FUNCTIONAL CORE shows you how to turn on your core in ways you never thought  possible.

Coaches: Don't Miss this Opportunity to Improve Your Team's Performance and Reduce Injuries!

Athletes: Don't Miss this Opportunity to Become a Stronger, More Powerful Athlete while also Reducing Your Risk for Injury!