Learn Safe and Functional Exercises for Improved Performance and Injury Prevention.

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Performing non-functional exercises, even performing functional exercises incorrectly can put athletes at more risk than not training at all.

Learn functional and safe exercises for improved performance and injury prevention.

Warm-Up and Mobility Routines

Mobility is the ability of a joint to actively move through a range of motion. Mobility requires strength, balance, and motor control in addition to flexibility.

A purposeful Dynamic Movement Routine along with an appropriately designed strength training program will improve mobility.

Unlike bodybuilding programs that isolate muscle groups, functional training focuses on movements.

A well-designed program will draw exercises from each of the categories (below).

Core Exercises

As more research has been conducted concerning the function of core muscles during sports, core training has evolved.

Learn functional and safe Core Exercises for athletes.

Squat (Knee Dominant) Exercises

Learning Squat mechanics is imperative to safely improving lower body strength.

Learn proper technique for both bi-lateral and uni-lateral Squat Exercises.


Hinge (Hip Dominant) Exercises

Hip Hinge is a fundamental movement key to efficient jumping mechanics, hip extension during sprinting, throwing, kicking and other athletic movements.

Learn proper technique for both bi-lateral and uni-lateral Hinge Exercises.

Push Exercises

Many of the Push Exercises advocated by bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts can pose risks to shoulder health.

Learn safe and functional Push Exercises for athletes.

Pull Exercises

Without guidance from an experienced Strength Coach or Functional Movement Specialist, many athletes—and people in general—tend to overwork anterior musculature with a lot of Bench Press and shoulder Press.

Without balancing pressing with horizontal pulling, athletes are at risk for imbalanced shoulder joints and increased risk of shoulder injuries.

Learn safe and functional Pull Exercises for athletes.