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Kristin Gostomski - Youth Sports Trainer

Hi! I'm KRISTEN GOSTOMSKI — Strength Coach, Consultant, and Functional Movement Specialist.

For more than two decades, I have studied the science of sports performance and have learned from and collaborated with some of the most trusted college, professional, and youth strength coaches in the industry.

I work with parents, coaches, and athletes to develop a long-term plan for success in sports while also teaching skills and habits that will translate into sustainable physical activity for life.

In addition, I research and write about the physical, mental, and social science of long-term athletic development.

Popular Articles From Youth Sports Trainer

sad athlete

Parents: Have You Hi-Jacked Your Kids' Sports Experience?

According to a poll taken by The National Alliance for Youth Sports, 70% of kids quit sports by the age of 13. The No. 1 reason? It isn’t fun anymore.

Youth sports are supposed to be about the mental, physical, emotional, and social development of kids; however much of today’s youth sports culture is no longer about the kids. It’s been hi-jacked by adults.

throwing and dynamic movement

Dynamic Warm-Up and Mobility Exercises for Home, Gym, and Field

A strong warm-up routine moves dynamically through a variety of movement patterns that require strength, balance, mobility, and coordination, all to prepare mind and body for training and competition.

Dynamic warm-ups can also simulate sports moves, specifically preparing mind and body for particular activities.

crunch and plank

Best and Worst Core Exercises for Athletes

Are you still doing dangerous and non-funtional core exercises like Sit-Ups, Crunches, and V-Ups?

A functionally strong core is key to improved athletic performance, injury prevention, and day-to-day living. As more research has been conducted concerning the function of core muscles during sports, core training has evolved.

sports development model

Athlete Development Model

Before the age of 7 is a critical time for developing basic movement skills.

Between the ages 7-11 is the time to nurture qualities that relate to general athleticism.

Around ages 11-15 is optimal to enhance sport specific-skills and gain functional strength in the weight room.

Around ages 15-19 training becomes more serious and the development of team skills, individual skills, and strength and conditioning all become essential for success in competitive sports.

Recent Articles from Youth Sports Trainer